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Leo Education and Training Center

Leo Education and Training Center Teaching the Japanese Language and Mason, Carpenter, Engineering Service, Welding workers for need of construction and factories for sent to all countries as skillful workers. So, we have been teaching the Japanese Language and Training for go to Japan.


We would always strive to give our best in helping our Customers Sourcing good employees who are able to work harmoniously and efficiently throughout their employment period. Besides, changing people life by getting them a good job.

Our Mission

Our Company must be an agency that provides the best service to our international partners, delivering the best service for our employees through international operations.

Procedure Information

Recruitment Procedure Information

1st we have to receive the following information from employer concerning their requirement of worker :
1. Exact Job Description
2. Required No. of Candidates
3. Basic Salary
4. Food Allowance
5. Accomodation Allowance
6. Air Ticket from Myanmar to working country
7. Job Starting Date
8. Other Terms and conditions if any


If we can supply the workers as per employer details then we take this job order if not then we will inform them immedicately with reasons why we unable to take this order with alternative suggestion. Once we confirm, the job order then employer should send following documents.
1. Demand Letter
2. Power of Attorney
3. Employment Contract
4.Inter Party Agreement
5.Guarantee Letter


We can provide you with wide spectrum of candidates because our networks of local agents are spread nationwide, from skilled and from manufacturing to service sector, we are specialized in the searching of any type of candidates throughout Myanmar.
We are affected with training and we can provide refreshment training as well as full training to the applicant whenever they require. We strictly our specified recruitment as well as selection process and never compromise who are renowned for their hard work, honesty, high sense responsiblity and discipline. We understand the needs of the client both specified and unspecified, so we really value time of our clients. Hence, our team is committed to produce the result on time. We are responsive as welll as communicative, so we do not let any gaps in between the clients and us. We are transparent and recruitment process as simple as possible. We are very cost effective without compromising with the quality. In today’s world money minded people are found in each and every steps of our life. Such people always think about self-benefit only and do not care about the problem of  ———

Available Category of Workers

1. Care Worker
2. Building Clean up Management
3. Equipment Part and Equipment
4. Industrial Equipment
5. Electricity and Information Technology
6. Construction Work
7. Ship Building and Shipbuilding Industry
8. Car Repair and Mantenance
9. Aviation
10. House Keeping
11. Agriculture
12. Fisheries
13. Food and Beverage Manature Industry
14. Food Service