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Silver Crane Services Co.,Ltd was established by Mr. Sai SiThu in October 2010 and Licence No. 13/2011, 56/2012, 80/2015, 80/2017, 072/2019. He lead the company for business to success and to become a good company in Myanmar. From the beginning of the business, we only operators General Services, later, run the Silver Crane Services under the Ministry of Labor. On the other hand we have the Authorized LEO Education And Training Centeras a branch of Silver Crane Services is to helping Myanmar Worker to find better jobs (General Worker, Technicians) and other General Services.

Leo Education and Training Center

Leo Education and Training Center Teaching the Japanese Language and Mason, Carpenter, Engineering Service, Welding workers for need of construction and factories for sent to all countries as skillful workers. So, we have been teaching the Japanese Language and Training for go to Japan.

Therefore as our Silver Crane Services Co.,Ltd has been running properly and systematically for utilizing workers having skills and competency Factories & Constructions in our Gentleman Countries, you may contact as of you proffer own well trained worker and we invite your proposal at your convenience with full regard. We are following carefully to provide honest services for our myanmar customer.

Our Vision

2020 We develop social and environmental responsibilities to do with overseas agencies to be able to compete on the market domestic actions to create the best service and looking for jobs that will be internationally recognized best service and the agency will become a good company.

Our Mission

Our Company must be an agency that provides the best service to our international partners, delivering the best service for our employees through international operations.

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